Saturday, January 31, 2015


If you are reading this page you must be associated with some PTC or other affiliate websites in which your earnings depend upon the number of people that you have managed to have under your link, which you must have acquired with great trouble and labor.

Not any more.

Read this whole page to know the secrets of having unlimited number of affiliates under you, and that too without any cost. You should give your time however, to know the secret of how people earn thousands of dollars from PTC websites, and you should perform all the steps as indicated in this article.

This is a special strategy in which you can get unlimited direct referrals.
I say unlimited because no-one can guarantee or even guess how much direct referrals you will get.
You might be getting very less or even thousands - that would depend upon your own efforts - the efforts on how much time and money and/or both you can devote to this method.

To get unlimited direct referrals for the PTC websites, I have created an e-book which I will email free to you but under some conditions. As you might already know that nothing comes for free in this world, you have to assist me and I will give the e-book for free.

Well, follow these steps and I'll email the e-book free to you:

Step 1. Register in all the PTC websites in this list. 


 If you are already registered in one or more websites, you can leave it (as you cannot have two accounts). But you must register in more than five websites. If already registered in more than five in the above list, you can disconnect your internet connection for some days, and reconnect again so that you'll have a different IP address and then you can register. Alternatively, you can pay me the price of the ebook and get it instantly. Contact me for the price.

Step 2. Email me your username in each website at


Please send the email in the format: 1) website:           username: yourusername
                                                    2) website:           username: yourusername

Step 3. Be active in each website (i.e. click as much ads as you can everyday).


Please click all the ads if possible. If not, click on as much ads as you can. You can also perform tasks and micro jobs.

Step 4. Continue watching the ads for a week and email me again at


Email me saying that you have watched the ads for a week and I'll check your username and your click rates in my account. Please include your username.


Step 5. Then I will email the free ebook to you.


Thats it! You have successfully completed all the steps and now you are eligible to get the ebook. The ebook will be in your inbox within 24 hours.

             In this way, you don't have to pay anything for the ebook and I'll also get some profits for my hard work in preparing the ebook, without any cost to you. Thanks for your co-operation.

If you have any questions/doubts/comments please feel free to flood up the comment boxes below.

Thank you.